We can work with clients who have home addresses with the following postcodes.
NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, NG5, NG6, NG7, NG8, NG9, NG10 and NG11

If you are an agency and wish to refer someone for counselling, or if you would like to refer yourself please click here for a referral form.

How the ROC service works:

When an individual is referred to ROC they can expect to receive a telephone call to arrange a meeting with a qualified member of ROC staff. This meeting is called an 'assessment' and consists of a number of questions to find out whether ROC could help and if counselling is suitable for their needs.

If appropriate the individual will be accepted as a client and is allocated a counsellor who will phone them a short time following the assessment meeting. ROC aims to allocate a counsellor to individuals within 6 weeks of referral.

ROC Counsellors:-

ROC counsellors are usually trainee counsellors who have gained a placement with Reach Out Counselling. The trainee counsellors all have a minimum of one year's academic experience and have been passed as 'fit to practice' by their place of learning. The majority of the trainee's are trained in the person-centred approach - for more information please see:

Trainee counsellors are in the process of obtaining their Diploma, Degree or Masters level in Counselling. Each trainee needs to achieve at least 100 client counselling hours in order to pass and qualify as Counsellors.

In addition we are proud to declare that several of our counsellors are already qualified counsellors and are working towards their accreditation from BACP (The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

How long may a client receive counselling?

ROC is a person-centred organisation and therefore believes that counselling should primarily be led by the needs of the client. The client may choose the length of their counselling according to their needs.

ROC reserves the right to terminate counselling if we feel the counsellor is being threatened or in danger.

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