Student Testimonials

'ROC has provided me with the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients whilst remaining supported throughout. The initial part of looking for places to have the counselling sessions were stressful but nevertheless gave me a glimpse of what counsellors do outside of sessions such as finding venues and times which suits the clients. I have grown immensely both as a counsellor and as a person through this placement, which has increased my confidence. The fear of counselling clients with complex issues does not scare me as it did early on and this is down to my in house supervision. Furthermore, the workshops held by ROC were informative and useful which informed my practice. I highly recommend people who are looking for experience to consider taking a placement up in ROC.'

Alister - class of 2016

'It was the ethos of ROC that first attracted me,  free therapy for people who couldn't afford it for as long as they wanted it, and many times I have been proud to tell clients that there was no limit on the number of sessions they could have.  But that is only half of it, ROC provides a safe, supportive environment for therapists too. I believe that the help and encouragement I have received through ROC has been the most important factor in my development as a therapist.  I have always felt able to bring to supervision anything that worried or confused me without feeling judged and invariably I have left with some insight into the issue.'

 Tamsin - class of 2016

'I have been working as a student for Reach Out for two years and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Liaising with venues for rooms and contacting clients first hand to arrange session has not only been a confidence builder for myself but also enhanced my independence and developed my professional communication skills for future employment. The workshops are informative and easily accessible. They also provide a wonderful rare opportunity to meet other counsellors and network with each other.

I have always received excellent support throughout any challenges in my training and my supervision has been vital toward my personal and professional development. I have never felt like 'just a student' with Reach Out, I am not afraid to express and be myself and I know my ideas and opinions are listened to and valued. I feel I have been incredibly lucky with my placement and I will continue to work with Reach Out for as long as possible after I am qualified.'

Emma - Class of 2016

'I have had the most amazing experience during the past 12 months working with Reach Out Counselling. The personal and professional development I have experienced during my placement has been invaluable and I feel that ROC has embraced and encouraged my unique skills and qualities which I was able to use in my work with clients. I have always been greeted with enthusiasm and felt totally supported and accepted by my supervisor throughout the many challenges in my work and am continually inspired by her the total dedication to the well-being of the clients and also for the counsellors who work for the agency. I feel that I have benefited personally and professionally from my time with ROC, it has given me great confidence and has equipped me to begin my professional career as a counsellor and truly hope to be working with ROC for many years to come!'

Pip - class of 2015

'I really wanted to join ROC because I strongly believe in what they do – ‘reaching out’ to vulnerable people who might not usually access counselling due to financial constraints, disability or other difficulties. Although I knew this was the placement I wanted, I was still really nervous about the interview and the work. However, from my first contact with Matt and Nikki at interview, my confidence began to develop. From the beginning I have felt very supported and encouraged. When challenging elements of client work arise I am always able to speak to a supervisor. ROC provides monthly training on a variety of relevant issues. This really helps with CPD hours and has also enabled me to network with other trainees and fully qualified counsellors within the organisation and beyond. I am very grateful to ROC for supporting me throughout my training. I also feel very lucky to have worked with some amazing clients. A very big thank you to all at ROC.'

Jackie - class of 2015

'ROC has been a great place to begin my counselling practice. I have worked with a diverse range of clients and been proud to be part of a service that offers help to clients who would otherwise have little or no access to person centred counselling. I have thoroughly enjoyed this part of my journey and would recommend ROC to any counsellor looking for experience, professional development, or to be part of an agency that offers counselling to the financially disadvantaged.'

Sara - class of 2015

'ROC does not just provide you with the clients you need for those all important hours, the team at ROC work hard to match you with the right clients. ROC is a placement that provides you with a huge amount of support; a supervisor, line manager and admin team that are always on hand alongside a network of other students, newly qualified counsellors and professionals. The extra training ROC organises that covers a range of topics not covered on counselling courses I have found invaluable when working with ‘real people’.'

'Grounded in strong ethics and a desire to support people in need, you cannot go wrong on a placement with ROC.'

Nicola - class of 2014

'R.O.C has been and continues to be one of my "rocks” throughout my training as a person centred counsellor. They have helped me to grow in confidence, experience and knowledge while always being very approachable, confidential, ethical and safe for all concerned. The level of professionalism, support, training and varied clients is fantastic. They have believed in me and helped me to believe in myself'

Fran - class of 2014

'I found the thought of going into agency work quite challenging and felt that I wanted to be involved somewhere where they knew what it was like from a students perspective. At ROC I have felt supported both as a student and a counsellor in training, always knowing that however small I would be supported'

Fiona - class of 2014

'I was really nervous at the thought of even starting my placement with ROC. I should not have been, as the support network that is available to me at ROC is nothing short of amazing. Their encouragement and enthusiasm for volunteer counsellors is brilliant. I have needed support on a couple of occasions, and as a volunteer still at college, it was paramount for my future as a counsellor to seek the information and help that I needed to enable me to support and help my clients. Everyone at ROC works within a team, which is great. My line Manager Nikki and my Supervisor Matt not only support me professionally with my counselling but personally as an individual, which has allowed me to grow and understand my own process when working with clients. ROC offers continued personal development training days once a month, not just for ROC volunteers but for people working outside the agency for their own knowledge base.'

'To anyone who is looking for a placement, you will feel at ease and comfortable within this agency. Everything is in place to guide volunteers through their training, professional development and personal growth.'

'I can honestly say without a doubt that I fell firmly on my feet with ROC and will continue to volunteer with them once I am qualified.'

Cheryl - class of 2014

Having not experienced the 'process' of counselling in the world of therapy RoC has enabled me both personal and professional development. The ethos of ROC is something I hold dearly to some of my own personal values and it has been with both the support of my placement, within supervision and training that I have been given the opportunity to thrive and grow.

ROC diversity enables students to 'taste' and truly accept not only in theory, but in practice, the difference in dynamics between not only client work but also different academic levels of students and referring agencies with whom ROC has built relationships with.

I can only say that my time with ROC has been and will continue to be a strong part of my personal and professional development and I can honestly say that the conditions are in place to facilitate growth in a safe; ethical and confidential environment which supports not only the clients for which the organisation was born, but for all students on their developmental journeys. May ROC go from strength to strength for all concerned.

Debbie - Counsellor - Class of 2013

'I came to R.O.C. towards the end of 2012 feeling disillusioned and disempowered from a negative experience within a previous voluntary role. In addition to this - I had a backlog of practical hours (one hundred and thirty four!) to complete by the end of May or I was at risk of losing the University degree that I had already completed all my assignments and worked so hard for.'

'Through the recommendation of a dear friend, I nervously made initial contact with Nicola Pilgrim (Nikki!), who immediately put me at ease with her warmth and professionalism. On our first face-to-face, I spoke to Nikki about some of the experiences that had led to me being in the position I was. Nikki listened to me and treated me with absolute respect and without judgement. She also assured me that, although it would be tough, she would support me fully through the journey I had ahead and that I would achieve my hours in time... I was incredibly moved by Nikki's genuine belief and certainty in me, particularly as I had so little in myself!'

'So here I am, June 2013, not only with my one hundred and thirty four hours, not only with a degree in Humanistic Counselling B.A. Hons awarded from The University of Nottingham, but with more confidence, experience and opportunity for progression than I ever could have dreamed to be possible. I feel so empowered!'

'R.O.C. is a wonderful, wonderful organisation to be a part of. I have been supported from the go by Nikki, with special mention to Sandy and Suzi who both played just as important parts in my journey. I cannot say enough about these fabulous women who helped me to achieve the impossible and believed in me every step of the way.'

'A most heartfelt - thank you.'

Felicity - Counsellor - Class of 2013

'The opportunities for growth and learning I have been afforded during my placement with Reach Out Counselling have been nothing short of fantastic.'

'I have worked with a very diverse client base, each of whom has given me the chance to work with a broad range of issues. In addition to this, I have also been fortunate enough to be given opportunities to get involved with the organisation behind the scenes.'

'The supervision and management teams at Reach Out give such fantastic support to students while also allowing a great deal of autonomy. I can say with absolute confidence that anyone seeking a placement opportunity with ROC will have an invaluable chance to develop their skills, standing them in good stead for future work.'

Mike - Counsellor - Class of 2013

'Working with ROC has given me such a diverse experience and I would like to thank the team for the opportunities they have given me, the additional training and the support has been invaluable, helping me reach my 100 hours.'

'Also the opportunities they give to their clients, who would find access counselling difficult, a truly person centred approach is taken. I have seen the organisation grow from when I started my placement and I continue to work with ROC now I'm qualified and look forward to seeing it grow further as the team are very dedicated towards its development.'

Sarah - Counsellor - Class of 2012

'For me this placement provided more valuable and varied experiences than I could have imagined and helped me to push my own limitations with the support and encouragement, not only from my Supervisor, but from everyone. Regular workshops, which give great insight into many everyday Client issues, really offered me an opportunity to learn more and challenge my thinking, giving me a sense of empowerment and boosting my confidence.'

Vanessa - Counsellor - class of 2012

I have volunteered as a Student Counsellor for Reach Out Counselling over the past year. In that time I have gained invaluable professional support from all staff working within the agency. Nicola Pilgrim ROC's C.E.O. and her staff were always on hand to assist and encourage me in what can be a daunting profession when first starting out.

Thanks to ROC I have now completed over 100 placement hours. I was pleased to receive a diverse mix of clients, some with very different concerns; naturally this broadened my experience with varying client issues.

The ROC team gave me the confidence to believe in my capabilities and helped me nurture possible achievements for my future career. I am very honoured to be part of the ROC project and hope to stay part of it for a very long time.

Lisa - Counsellor - class of 2011

I came to Reach Out Counselling as a trainee counsellor with very little confidence in myself as a potential counsellor. I have felt very supported in my journey through training, and as a result my confidence has grown considerably. I feel privileged to be part of an organisation that is providing a service to vulnerable people who might otherwise be unable to get the help they need.

Charmaine - Counsellor - class of 2011

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